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This Refund Policy covers all the services that language voice Services offer.



We engage a translator as soon as we confirm your order. If you need to cancel your order, you should notify us immediately. You will receive a 100% refund if we have not yet assigned your project. We cannot give you a refund when we have already engaged a translator. Please understand that in most cases, we assign the project as soon as we receive an order.
Partial cancellation

We accept partial cancellation for some services that you do not require, subject to the following conditions:

• The request is not yet executed, such as creating hard copies when you only need e-versions. We will refund the amount paid for the hard copies, as long as we have not sent the translation.
• We receive the cancellation request through email at, by calling 07448443773 or chatting with us online.

We will refund 50% of the total amount if we receive the request for the cancellation of the interpreting project within 48 hours before the time of the assignment. If we receive the cancellation request within 24 hours before the assignment time, you forfeit the total amount of the interpretation service.

Content writing
Our professional writers work tirelessly for customer satisfaction. If you think the provided content does not fit your needs by any chance, you can request for revision. We provide unlimited revisions. If still, you are not satisfied, we have a refund policy for you.

• If you cancel your order, before we assign it to any writer, then refund will be 100%.
• We provide unlimited revisions within 14 days after completing the order. Our writers are highly qualified, you will never have any need for revision, but still, if you want, you can avail free revisions.
• You would get a 100% refund if you paid twice for one order or two identical orders. You can also reserve it for your next order.
• If we do not find a qualified writer to help you with your task, we will notify you instantly (not when the deadline has already passed) and return your money (full amount).
• If we deliver your content late without your approval for the deadline extension, we will compensate you with some credit back for your future order.
Other than the above-mentioned points, the services/products are non-refundable. In any other case, the funds deposited by the customer shall be added to the client’s account balance on the web site. Account balance on the website is non-refundable. In certain cases, the Company may provide a refund to the client’s bank/PayPal account at its own discretion.

We accept edit requests on the spelling of names, word preferences or synonyms that were not given when you place the translation order, and if the scan shows unclear words. language voice will do the edits right away. You can request edits of the translations done by us as many times as needed. However, we do not do a cashback or refund for edit requests.

Mistranslations or errors
We see to it that our translations are consistently accurate. We have a quality control process to ensure that all our translations are of high quality, error-free and mistranslation-free. If you find a mistranslation or error in your translated document, notify us immediately so we can correct the mistake.

• We would not issue a refund if you did not provide the word preferences and name spellings earlier. • You can reject the translation and request a refund if the mistranslation or error is due to our oversight and failure to meet our quality standards.
• We would issue a refund if the mistake was due to our failure to proofread the translated document properly. The refund amount will depend on the extent of the compromised quality. We do not have any indemnity obligations or other liabilities other than correcting the errors or issuing a refund.

Missing pages
With our tight quality control process, we assure you that we do not leave out anything. But if you receive your translation with a section or page missing, notify us immediately by phone, email or online chat. We will quickly fix the omission. You can reject the translation of the missing section or page, or request a partial refund corresponding to the missing parts.

If you have not provided us with a clear scan of the source document or you did not pay for desktop publishing (DTP), we cannot assure you that the translation format will be a 100% mirror image of the original. If this issue arises, we cannot give you a refund. We can only provide you with plain text translation if the scanned image is blurred.

Interpreting terms

Delay in delivery
We want to ensure that our services are accurate, so each project passes through our strict workflow and quality assurance processes. Our delivery times are clearly stated in each quote and are based on 2,500 words per day, subject to the following conditions:
• The word count is 2,500 or less
• The target language is widely spoken (not obscure or rare language/dialect)
• Text is not technical
• No special formatting required
It will take 1 day or less to translate a document with a word count of 2,500 or less following our QA process.

You can only request a refund for a delay in delivery if we miss our quoted finish time.
• Delay is less than 12 hours from the agreed time – 10% refund
• Delays of more than 24 hours from the agreed time of submission – 15% refund
• For projects of more than 5,000 words – subject to discussion on a case by case basis.