What We Do

Here at Language Voice we provide highly comprehensive multilingual translation services, to help both individuals and businesses across a selection of industries. Translating official documents can be highly complex, that’s where we are here to lend a helping hand. Our professional translators are able to assist on a selection of documentation from reports to certificates and more, so that both parties clearly understand what is outlined..

Academic Writing & Website Content

Academic writing is a research paper, subject matter, quiz, case studies, essays, etc.Website content is the content that we write for the website eg. home page, About us, Our services, etc.

Blog articles & Listicles

Blog articles are articles written for various blogs. Listicles are the articles that contain list, for example: Five most expensive places in the world.

Informaticles & Feature articles

TInformaticles are the articles that are written to share important information or Knowledge for example Habits that can save you from corona virus. Feature article are the articles that feature someone or something like an article about an up and coming cafe or an entrepreneur.

Long-form articles & Marketing Content

Long form articles are articles that contain 2000 or more words. This is that basic description just to understand better. Marketing contents are used to publish or market specific product or service for target audience. It helps a company to generate business and expand their customer based. It also creates awareness about brands and companies.


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