Simultaneous Interpreting

There are often occasions where simultaneous interpreting is required between individuals. This process uses specific technology and certain professional interpreters, to communicate in multiple languages. For example they might listen to one language but speak in another, to interpret the message to the person who is struggling with the language barrier.

Consecutive Interpreting

It’s quite common for legal professionals to use consecutive interpreting when in court, prisons and other situations that require their input. Our expert interpreters can provide that consecutive support between person A and person B, to keep that communication as fluid as possible. In such important circumstances communication couldn’t be more critical, and our professionals understand the role they play in interpreting the valuable information exchanged. They are also highly professional and know to remain a neutral third party in sensitive scenarios.

We delivery your work with professionalism following simple and easy process

Getting Started: Call us or email us to discuss about your order and explain your requirements. We will send you a questionnaire to fill all your requirements, will look into that and send you a receipt of your requirements.
Once you have placed the order we will start working on your assignment and submit it within agreed deadline.
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Ad – Hoc Interpreting

More often than not our interpreters are needed for ad hoc support within both professional and personal meetings and appointments. Having a face-to-face interpreter eases the communication so that both sides are able to understand the agenda as it develops. Our professionals are highly commended for their help in this area, and also their quick response to support these conversations.

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About Us

Language Voice is a group of translation and Interpreting professionals as well content writers, who led a helping hand to individuals that might be struggling with day to day encounters. In a world where communications is of the utmost importance we’re here to lend a helping hand to both individuals and business alike. We pride ourselves on supporting people nationwide, with little or no understanding of English, in the hope that we can keep all communication as fluid as possible

Our Services

Here at Language Voice we are experts in face to face, phone and video calls interpretation, and we have been supporting may people and clients nationwide with our unique translation services.

We carefully select our professional interpreters, translators and content writers based on their people skills and level of communications, so that our clients are always happy with our services.

We understand just how many people around the country struggle with English when it’s not their first language. With our help individuals can efficiently get on with the day to day without any disruptions.


Language Voice offers a range of different interpretation services to help both individuals and businesses across a selection of industries. Supporting with both professional and personal requirements our experts are here to support you in the following areas

Telephone & Video Interpreting

Not all conversations can be had face to face, and sometimes there are more pressing matters that need to be addressed swiftly. Here at Language Voice our professional interpreters can take part in a three way conference or video call, to clearly interpret the conversation between two or more individuals, especially when lip reading is limited. We provide highly competitive costs for the services we provide without compromising on quality.


Here at Language Voice we provide highly comprehensive multilingual translation services, to help both individuals and businesses across a selection of industries. Translating official documents can be highly complex, that’s where we are here to lend a helping hand. Our professional translators are able to assist on a selection of documentation from reports to certificates and more, so that both parties clearly understand what is outlined.

Covering multiple languages worldwide we are confident that Language Voice is the one leading industry providers when it comes to translation. Our professionals are ready and willing to help, and we are just a short phone call away.

The translator and translation resources we supply will keep a glossary of terminology to be referred to, if future support is ever needed. This will speed up the process every time a document needs to be translated. Our document translation services span across the following sectors:








Content Writing

“ Quality Experts” – We are the answer to all of your content requirements With Language Voice you are guaranteed high quality, plagiarism-free, unique and original content. We observe your requirements carefully and assign you with one of our best writers, we are happy to assist you with your projects so we could offering the best of our quality content.

Our Prominent services are:

  • - Academic writing
  • - Website content
  • - Blog articles
  • - Listicles
  • - Informaticles
  • - Feature articles
  • - Long-form articles
  • - Marketing content

Academic writhing

Academic writing is a research paper, subject matter, quiz, case studies, essays, etc.

Website content

Website content is the content that we write for the website eg. home page, About us, Our services, etc.

Blog articles

Blog articles are articles written for various blogs .


Listicles are the articles that contain list, for example: Five most expensive places in the world.


Informaticles are the articles that are written to share important information or Knowledge for example Habits that can save you from corona virus.

Feature articles

Feature article are the articles that feature someone or something like an article about an up and coming cafe or an entrepreneur.

Long form articles

Long form articles are articles that contain 2000 or more words. This is that basic description just to understand better.

Marketing content

Marketing contents are used to publish or market specific product or service for target audience. It helps a company to generate business and expand their customer based. It also creates awareness about brands and companies.


We offer best quality at the most reasonable rates


Our unique and high standard content will assure you a greater ROI

Qualified Masters

With us high quality is always assured, each subject is dealt with experts with a wide rage of experience

Guaranteed Ownership

Upon submission all the copyright and publishing rights will be passed to you

Accurate Research

Our researches perform their due diligence prior to start writing on a topic. Our clients rely on us for all authentic research.

Drive into a wast range of unique writing with us:

Name, Email, Number, Serivce – “Quote”


If you would like a quotation on our interpretation or translation services we would be happy to provide one for you. All you have to do is get in touch today and speak to one of professional team members or either fill out the form down below:

 It’s as simple as that!

In order to be able to confirming an interpreting request, we highly recommend that the following information’s, should be enclosed into your message, Thank you!
• Language required
• Date of appointment
• Start time
• Estimated duration
• Venue address
• Contact telephone (if applicable)
• Contact / Reporting to
• Client / Patient name
• Notes (i.e; female interpreter required)

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When you will receive a translation document, the first thing you should to do is to open the document and analyse it properly, it's important and beneficial you to read through the whole the instructions that come with the job: they help you to understand the way translation must be completed with instructions.

Once analysed the document, make sure that you are comfortable with the subject matter and language style, as this will help you to understand how well you could deliver your given assignment. There may be some subject for which you might not be qualified or might not be that good at. But it's OK don't panic. That is why understanding the subject of the document is crucial, professional translators are specialized in a few subjects and in time, they become so good at them that they hardly take an anything outside their sphere of expertise.

Once you are familiar with the subject, the next point to look into is the file format. When working for a translation company, they expect you to send the files in a translation-friendly format. There are tools such as CAT, which is used from some translator to take care of the compatibility and format. If the Project manager will have to reconstruct the whole file format and no matter how good your translation was, wasted time can never be recovered. You may could risking losing an important client.

If you facing any issues or problems with the translation document, format, word-count or delivery time, please contact immediately your Translation Project Manage. When you received a document you are also given a quote with a deadline as well, make sure you are comfortable with the provided deadline as failure to deliver the assignments on time may result late fee and losing the assignment.

If you might come across with technical or any kind of medical translation, it is a good practice to identify relevant reference sources on the Internet for the subject you are going to translate. This means finding some relevant material on related websites surrounding your translation subject. Have all this ready before you begin to translate It is called “background work”. This also helps you to improve and grow as a freelance translator.

Now it time to deliver your work. But before submitting make sure you run your spellchecker and correct any misspellings and typos. Become your own editor and read over the document, comparing it to the original. In addition, read again without looking at the source text to make sure that it makes sense. The readers will read in their native language and you, the translator, are the link that allows them to do so. Make sure that the documents is correctly formatted and ready to be delivered, and you are confident on your work and ready to send it out.

While delivering your assignment, remember to include any notes or comments for your client or for the editors about your translation in your delivery file. A blank delivery with your signature, or a “please find files attached” could shows little interaction with your client. It could lead them to think that if you do not have time to write two lines about the delivery of the project then you probably did not have time to do a quality check at all. Sharing your experience while delivering your assignment shows that you are keen to your work, also show interest in working with your Project manager or client and future project, always show professionalism by: sticking to your works, notify them in time, if any issues arises and also make sure you offer best of your services.


Covering a range of languages worldwide we are able to help those who need more proficient support with English interpretation and translation. As part of our service we feel like it’s important to explain the common phrases and words our clients encounter so that they can learn as time goes on. We want to give them the independence they need and for them to feel confident that they aren’t going to be faced with a situation where they don’t understand something. Our professionals are able to interpret and translate over 100+ languages so that we are able to support as many people as possible.


Abaza, Abenaki, Abkhaz, Adyghe, Afar, Afrikaans, Agla (Algerian Languages), Assamese, Akan/Twi (Ghana), Albanian, Amharic (Ethiopia), Arabic (All Dialects), Armenian, Ashanti (Ghana,) Azerbaijani/Azeri

Balochi, Bambara, Bantu, Belarusian, Bengkulu, Bentong, Benyadu, Berau Malay, Berawan, Berber, Berik, Bernde, Berom, Berta, Besisi, Besme, Besoa, Betawi, Bete-Bendi, Beti, Betta Kurumba, Bhadrawahi, Bhalay-Gowlan, Bharia, Bhatri, Bhattiyali, Bhele, Bhilali, Bhili, Bhojpuri, Bilen, Bira, Braille, Breton, British Sign Language, Burundi, Bengali, Bosnian,  Brava (Bantu), Bulgarian, Burmese

Catalan, Chechen, Chichewa, Chiluba, Chinese, Cambodian/Khymer, Cantonese, Chaldean, Creole/Krio (Mauritius), Creole/Krio (Sierra Leone), Czech

Dangme, Dhivehi, Dyula, Danish, Dari (Afghan), Dutch, Ebira, Eboo Teke, Ebrié, Ebughu, Ede, Edera Awyu, Edolo, Edopi, Efai, Efe, Efik, Efutop, Ega, Eipomek, Ejagham, Ejamat, Ekajuk, Ekari, Eki, Ekit, Eleme, Eloyi, Elsassisch, Embera, English, Eskimo, Ewe, Edo (Nigerian), Estonian, Eggon

Fang, Fanti, Fante (Ghana), Faroese, Farsi (Persian), Fas, Fataleka, Fataluku, Fe’fe’, Feroge, Fijian, Finnish, Flemish, Fon, French, Fulah, Fur

Ga (Ghana), Gaelic, Galician, Georgian, German, Geruma, Geser-Gorom, Ghari, Ghayavi, Gheg Albanian, Ghera, Ghomálá, Ghomara, Ghotuo, Ghulfan, Giangan, Giáy, Gidar, Giiwo, Gikyode, Gilaki, Gilima, Gimi, Ginyanga, Girawa, Glaro-Twabo, Glavda, Glio-Oubi, Goaria, Godié, Godwari, Goemai, Gogo, Gogodala, Gokana, Gola, Golin, Gonja, Gorani, Gorontalo, Gorowa, Gourmanchéma, Greek, Gujarati

Hakka, Hausa, Hebrew, Herero, Hindi, Hindko, Hokkien (Chinese), Hungarian

Ibo, Icelandic, Iranian (Persian), Italian, Indonesian/Malay, Japanese, Jordanian, Jibu

Kabyle, Kachi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Khmer, Kibajuni, Kikongo, Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Kiswahili, Konkani, Korean, Kosovan, Kurdish Badini, Kurdish Kurmanji, Kurdish Sorani

Ladakhi, Lao, Laomian, Latin, Latvian, Libinza, Lingala, Lithuanian, Lolopo, Lomwe, Lungandan, Luo, Lusoga

Macedonian, Malay/Indonesian, Malayalam, Maldivian, Malinke, Mandarin, Mandinka, Maori, Marathi, Masalit, Mashi, Mende, Mirpuri, Moldovan, Mongolian, Moroccan

Namla, Namo, Ndebele, Nepalese, Nigerian, Norwegian, Nomlu, Oadki, Occitan, Odia, Ojibwe, Oromo, Oku, Oloma

Pahari, Pashto (Afghani), Pashto (Pakistani), Patois, Pedi, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Pothwari, Pulaar, Punjabi, Romani-gypsy, Romanian, Roma (Balkans), Roma (Romanian), Ruandese, Runyoro, Russian, Rwandan

Sami, Samoan, Sanskrit, Saraiki, Sardinian, Saurashtra, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian, Serbo-Croat, Serer, Setswana, Shan, Shanghaiese, Sherpa, Shona, Sicilian, Sikkimese, Sindhi, Singhalese, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovene, Somali, Sotho, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German, Sylheti

Tagalog, Tahitian, Tai Dam, Tai Khün, Tai Lü, Tai Nüa, Taiwanese, Tajiki, Tamang, Tamil, Tashelhiyt, Tatar, Tawbuid, Telugu, Temne, Tetum, Thai, Tibetan, Tigre, Tigrinya, Tigrigna (Eritrea), Tok Pisin, Tongan, Tsez, Tshiluba, Tshivenda, Tsonga, Tswana, Tuareg, Tulu, Tumbuka, Turkish, Turkmen, Twi, Tz’utujil

Uduk, Ugandan, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Valencian, Venda, Venetian, Vietnamese, Võro, Walloon, Welsh, Welsh Gaelic, Wendish, West Frisian, Wolof, Wu, Xaracuu, Xhosa, Xibe, Yapese, Yiddish, Yoruba, Yue, Zaghawa, Zhuang, Zulu, Zapotec/Yareni Zulu


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